Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MangaNEXT schedule is finally here!!!!!!!!!! *dances*

Yes!  I have been waiting for the schedule to be posted for like a month now and I'm excited to know that it's finally here.  =]  So, before today, I was completely dumbfounded about what to blog about until I just so happened to browse into the website and saw a schedule.  Yay!  Now I have blogging material.  I'm going to take note of what I really would like to go to so I have a good idea of what times I'll be free at.


Anime Jeaopary (5:00-6:00)  Hopefully it's better this year.
The Importance of Setting in Storytelling (8:00-8:30)
Ahhh!  Video Game Cartoons!
Uncle Yo (10-11)


Making Making (It's 5 dollars!) (10:30-1130)

To be continued.....dinner!

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