Saturday, October 9, 2010

1st Post, gotta do it!

Hello my loves!  Welcome to the blog of Victoria Ann!  Can't post my last name because it would be unethical! (-__-")

But anywayz, I figured I have tons to say about my love for anime and manga and video games!  For those of you who don't know, like my grandmother who will probably get linked to this blog anyway (SHOUTOUT--Hi, Mom Mom!!!!!!!! (^__^) ), anime is the japanese term for cartoon.  But it's not just any kind of cartoon.  It's the cartoons straight from Japan like Inu Yasha or Yu Yu Hakusho.  More commonly known "anime" are Pokemon, Sailor Moon, or Naruto (BOO!  Sorry Naruto-nerds, I just don't like Naruto!).  Manga is the japanese term for comic books in Japan.  I don't read manga too much.  The only manga I've read are One Piece, Yu Yu Hakusho, GTO The Early Years, Inu Yasha, and Romeo x Juliet.  Video games are pretty self explanatory.  I have always loved those, ever since I was about 4 or 5 years old and I was a chiisai girl and I would play Mario on the Super NES.  To this day, I'm still a Mario fan!

So, to tell a bit about myself, I guess I shall start with an introduction??  Mini-bio activation!!

Basic Stuffs (Let's get this out of the way)

Victoria Ann

20, at the time

New Jersey, that's all I'm saying!

Hair Color
Brown (wish it was red)

Eye Color
Black (wish they were blue)

Stupid Otaku Questions (stole these from yahoo)

1. When did you first discover anime/manga/etc.?
Indirectly, when I was about 6 or 7, can't remember but it was around that time.  I was a Sailor Moon and Dragonball freak.  Later I was addicted to Pokemon, before it became dumb.  It wasn't until I was about 13 when I realized it was called anime because a friend of mine showed me Inu Yasha.  I loved it and soon got into an entire array of different anime.

2. How were you before anime/manga versus after?
Well, throughout my teenaged years I couldn't watch much anime.  I only watched what could be shown on Adult Swim and Comcast OnDemand.  But once I started living on my own, I was able to begin watching anime on a computer, so I got into a lot more genre than before (even the distasteful ones).

3. Have you increased in confidence or ability in anything?
Not nessacarily but I can finally say I found something I confidence.

4. Has it sparked a (healthy) hobby?
I guess it depends on how you define "healthy".  If spending nearly 100 dollars a month on anime-related items is unhealthy than yeah, I would say it's an unhealthy hobby I'm involved in.

5. Friends you've made/met through anime/manga (or bf/gf/spouse)?
Almost all of my friends are into anime.  My current BF is into it, though not as much as I'm into.  My friend Kristin is also into it and so is my friend Mandy but my ultimate best anime-loving friend is my friend Natahlin!!!  She loves anime just as much as I do and we can sit in a diner for hours talking about it and still have more to talk about!  I'm so happy I found someone like her to share my otaku-ness with!!

6. Learn any 'life lessons' or...morals, or...good stuff from anime/manga, or even fellow otaku?
Not really.  Just to keep your mind open and creative though no anime nor otaku taught me that directly.

7. Has anime inspired something, like an interest in art, or cosplay, or designing?
It definitely peaked my interest in writing!  So many anime have given me the inspiration for a lot of my stories!

8. Have you learned things about yourself or others from anime/manga (saw warning signs, or realized that they weren't really your friends; figured out that you liked something, got you to try something you would have never thought to try, etc)?
Nah, anime is too unrealistic to teach me that.

All The Rest

I hope I can actually keep this blog up.  Ugh.  Ja mata!!!!!" title="Ultimate 100 Question Anime/Manga Otaku Survey" style="color:#fff;">Ultimate 100 Question Anime/Manga Otaku Survey
Created by" title="peachprincess's Profile" style="color:#fff;">peachprincess and taken 828 times on" title="Bzoink Free Fun Surveys" style="color:#fff;">Bzoink
Ultimate Anime/Manga Otaku Survey
Do you...
Make AMVs:Yes.
Fandub/Radio Plays:Ha ha, I plan to.
Help scanslate manga:No.
Draw manga:I've attempted to...and failed
Write fanfiction:Yep!!!!!!
Draw Fanart:Tried to, once.  Did ok.
Have a huge collection of anime pictures:Of course.  Even non-anime lovers do.
Play the card games:Nah.  
Roleplay:God, I've been doing that since I was like 13.
DDR:Yes!  But I can't see how that related to anime.  Maybe it's the music??
Have you ever...
Watched a series in 24 hours:Yes!  Elfen Lied, good show.
Skipped school for anime related reasons:Don't tell my parents but yes.
Attended an anime convention:A number of them, actually.
Woken up/stayed up late to watch anime on tv:Yep.  Those were the Inu Yasha days...
Worn your hair like an anime character in public:Not yet.
Have you got...
DVDs of anime:Yes.
Tapes of anime:1, the second Inu Yasha Movie.
Scanslated manga:No
Untranslated manga:No
UFO Catchers:Hahahaha, no.
Anime Posters:Ugh, I did!!  Where did they go??
Misc. fun game...
What's you favorite number:7
Count the abc's until you come across a letter for that #:G
Name 5 animes/characters/mangaka/etc. starting with that letter...1.:Gaara
3 Favorite...
Shonen Series:Death Note
Shoujo Series:Gravatation
Magical Girl Series:Sailor Moon
Unlicensed Series:meh, don't know any
Licensed Series:Eh?
Series on TV:Inu Yasha
Boy Characters:Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club
Girl Characters:Kikyo from Inu Yasha
Bishonen/Bishoujo:Not into them
Theme Songs:Sakura Kissu from Ouran High School Host Club
Couples:The Hitachiin Twins
Mangakas:Rumiko Takahashi
Anime Companies:Funimation
American Voice Actors:Jonny Yong Bosch
Japanese Voice Actors:Aya Hirano
Mascots:Rice Ballz?
Least Favorite...
Shonen Series:Naruto
Shoujo Series:Cardcaptor Sakura
Magical Girl Series:don't like them
Unlicensed Series:eh?
Licensed Series:eh?
Series on TV:Naruto
Boy Character:Shippou from Inu Yasha.....or is he a girl?  Eh, never figured it out.
Girl Character:Kagome from Inu Yasha
Bishonen/Bishoujo:don't like any
Theme Song:The Love Hine theme song
Couple:Kagome and Inu Yasha
Mangaka:don't have any
Anime Company:don't have one
American Voice Actor:I don't like the voice who plays Sailor Moon
Japanese Voice Actor:I like them all
Mascot:lol idk
Lessons learned...
Did you learn Japanese from anime:To be inspirational!
Learn more about Japanese customs and traditions:You can't wear shoes inside the house.  
Listen to J-Rock/J-Pop as a result:You bet!
Red string of fate:No
Walking under cherry blossoms:....leads to sexual desires
Indirect kiss:The guy is always the one who starts it.
Naming a bear after someone:I did name my bear Pikachu once
Baking sweets for someone:lol, I do that anyway
Has anime had an influence on your future(become a manga artist, etc.):I want to become a manga day.
Do you know the Japanese word for...
Cellphone:Haven't a clue
Cool:Sugoi!!!!  I think?
Girl:I SHOULD no this
Manga Artist:Manga-ka
Moon:Ugh, why don't I know that??
Ocean:This either!!
Sky:I suck
Snow:I'm ashamed
Soldier:I'm no otaku
Sorry:Shoot me
Teacher:Sensei!  Yes!  A comeback!
Voice Actor:And then I lose again.
Dub/Sub:Sub...the voice acting is better.
The End
You've been totally" title="Bzoink" style="color:#fff;">Bzoink*d!" title="Ultimate 100 Question Anime/Manga Otaku Survey" style="color:#fff;">Take This Survey |" title="Search Surveys" style="color:#fff;">Search Surveys |" title="Create a Survey" style="color:#fff;">Create a Survey" width="1" height="1" />

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