Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blogging "School Days"

So tonight I was a bit bored a I decided to blog a bit on the anime "School Days".  "School Days" is an anime based off of an adult visual novel game in Japan.  It's one of the shorter, more unknown pieces of anime unless you've done some searching for a good, short anime.  It's only 12 episodes.  It's basically about a boy named Makoto who becomes infatuated with this girl named Kotonoha, who rides his train on the way to school.  Nervous on how to approach Kotonoha, he confides in his annoying friend Sekai to help him make his moves on her.  But eventually, Sekai developes feelings for Makoto.

Sounds like a typical anime soap-opera-like drama, ne?  At first it seriously isn't that bad.  It's very light-hearted and cute and you think it might be one of those annoyingly exaggerated anime where people keep shitting on everyone's face by sleeping with everyone else but everyone seems ok about it.  No!   That changes about halfway into the anime when Makoto thinks he's macho because he's no longer a virgin and he starts sleeping with all the girls in school.  After a while, you'll start to hate Makoto, especially when the sweetie-pie Kotonoha is completely oblivious to it all and just wants desperate to be with her love, Makoto.  You'll start to feel really bad for her because she's basically the only one you want to cheer for happiness in the short series.

You'll suddenly start to notice that the anime isn't cute anymore.  It's actually almost scary.  It keeps getting darker....and darker..................and darker.........................................until you start to question if you're watching an anime that should be in the thriller genre.  The ending is hard to explain.  I won't spoil it for you, because then what's the point of watching it?  But I guess I can explain it as it's expected yet so unexpected at the same time.  You may think to yourself as you continue to watch the anime, "This is so gonna happen at the end," but think to yourself, "Nah, how could this happen?" when you finally see the end.  Honestly, Makoto deserves the shit at the end, and Kotonoha isn't as sweet as she seemed the entire anime.  That's basically as much as I can give out without spoiling it any further.

Overall, I enjoyed this anime.  It's a nice fix for a good anime that's not too long but will keep you gripped throughout its entirety.  I would recommend it if your into the romance/drama genre but like i had said before, this anime could have easily slipped into the thriller category.  If I were to rate it, it would be a 4/5 stars!

Another thing you might want to consider doing is, after you've watched the anime, watch the alternate endings on youtube.  There's a lot.  Over 5, I believe.

The next blog I will try to do about an anime will be Ouran High School Host Club.  Ja ne!!!

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