Monday, April 18, 2011

Lolita Love Poem

I am currently writing a novel in which the main character is a girl who liked to dress in Lolita.  Somewhere in the beginning of the novel, her friend who she has a crush on sings her a love song about a boy falling in love with a Lolita.  In the novel, I wasn't able to include the entire poem, so I figured it would be nice to put it here.  Enjoy!!

Pink is the hearth,
and white is the soul.
Sparkling eyes blink
the eyelashes of charcoal.
Your cherry lips smile
and melt me where I stand.
And tiny feet turn away
in a motion so grand.

Turning, turning
The skirt ruffles on fire.
Sparks fly with the wind
And petals fly higher.
How can you run
From this meadow of time?
Floating by parasol
And lock in the heart of mine?
Do you know how I sit
And think of your smile?
And my heart bursts entirely
Because your ringlet curls drive me wild
You ringlet curls drive me wild…

Hopefully, I should be done this novel by May so you can buy it online and in bookstores sooner or later.  Until then, Ja-ne!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Anime Character In Toy Story 3?

Ok, this is just something I wanted to write about because I thought it would be cool.  Back in the summertime when the epic movie Toy Story 3 was in theaters, I sneaked into the side door and watched it for free.  I know, that's bad.  But just bear with me, I was desperate to see that movie and just happened to be bored that night.  I was mesmerized by the movie and cried, loving the last installment of Toy Story.  At the end of the film, as I let the awesomeness continue to soak up in my soul, I watched the credits and the short epilogue that played with it.  And for a brief second, I thought it might be my otaku-self messing with my mind, I thought I saw a character from a Studio Ghibli film, Totoro.  I wished I had a rewind button to see if I were really dreaming or not, but I couldn't.  That night, I tried to read something on it on the internet, but could find nothing.  But last night, on Netflix Instant, Toy Story 3 came on and I had to watch it to look for Totoro again!  Guess what, I wasn't dreaming!  Just look for yourself and tell me Pixar must have been good friends with Hayao Miyazaki!!!