Friday, December 24, 2010

Visual Novels

I've played very few visual novels but the idea and gameplay of them especially intrigue me.  I have always been a fan of reading and visual novels, especially those concerning anime, is like a delicious packaged treat just waiting for me.  So far, I've only played Princess Debut, Red Shift, and Ace Attorney as for anime visual novels.  The non-anime visual novels I've played were Surviving High School and College Romance.  The games I have started and have not finished are Kana: Little Sister and Clannad.

College Romance
This was a simple online game in visual novel format that got me started in my obsession for visual novels.  It was basically a game where you play a guy and through your 4 college years, you have to meet, woo, and date 1 or more of 5 girls.  Based on what you decide to do through the game will give you different outcomes.  I'll be honest, the game was a 3 out of 10.  The artwork was terrible and the music was SO annoying, but the dialogue and mediocre story made up for it.  It was enough to peak my interest in the world of visual novel games.

Red Shift
This was a free game I discovered on the internet that I downloaded it and tried to play it.  To be honest, I can't quiet be sure if this should be called a game at all.  The story was just as it was: a story.  You never made any decisions for the character, you just point and click and watch.  So at first, I was a bit disappointed.  The story was very well written and could easily be written into a novel or even a manga.  It took about 3 or 4 hours to complete but I was glad I played it.  The story was quite satisfying.

Princess Debut
This game was turned on by a friend who was playing it before me.  Since I really wanted a good visual novel, I gave it a try.  I didn't find it, but this game was entertaining.  You play as yourself, naturally, and you one day meet a girl looking exactly like you and with the same name.  She claims she is the princess of the Flower Kingdom and that she has to attend a dance competition in 30 days but doesn't want to do it.  So you switch places with her and enter the Flower Kingdom in her stead.  During your 30 days, you have to practice dancing while trying to find dance partners within certain prince's you find in the kingdom.  At the end, you do the competition and hope you win.  And that's all.  The dance practice was a bit annoying but the game was interesting.  It's a good starter visual-novel.

Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations
I finally found my excellent visual novel.  This game was epic in every way possible.  The music, the characters, the story, the gameplay: EVERYTHING.  You play as the character Phoenix Wright, a defense attorney who takes on mostly murder cases.  You have to successfully defend 5 cases, all of which are closely tied together.  I don't want to reveal much about this game because if I were to recommendany game to anyone, this is the one.  You have to play this game.  This is the third game for the "Phoenix Wright" series, so the story may confuse you at first but you catch on quickly enough.  PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Surviving High School
This was a cute game.  They have many versions of this game but it started on the cell phone.  You basically play a high school student and you have to may decisions for the character so you can either become Prom King, get straight As, star in a play, etc.  This is a good game for kids.  I've completely out grown the high school thing.

I'll talk about the other games I didn't finish on another post.  My fingers hurt.  =[

Jaaaaaaaaaaa ne!

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