Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Extreme Couponing: Saving $$$ For A Convention

About two blog posts ago I wrote a post about how to save money for a convention.  While my reason may have been pretty decent, some con-goers may still think that $400 + is waaaay too much to spend to go to a convention.  That's ok.  That's why I have this method too.

1.  Get a boyfriend.
Keep in mind that this usually works only for girls, but can sometimes work for boys.  Whine and complain and do a pity party about how you won't have enough money for a ticket.  Then say how cheap they are and bash yourself for not saving enough for 1 measly little ticket.  Your boyfriend will feel sorry for you and buy your ticket for you.  That's about $45.00 off right away.

2.  Search the convention's forum's for rides.
Most conventions have a forum to post requests to get rides from someone in your area.  Most con-goers wouldn't mind picking you up as long as you pay them a little gas money. 

3.  Search the convention's forum for hotels.
Like I said in the step above, they do have forums where you can find someone in the area who has a hotel room they can share with you.  While some people wouldn't like it if they shared a room with a complete stranger, a lot of people would have no problem with it.  Keep in mind, though, you may have to sleep on the floor.

4.  Sleep in your car.
If you're driving to a convention, forget the hotel and sleep in your car.  Find a good vacant area like a hotel room parking lot and snooze away in the car until daybreak.  Guess what?  It's free!  Just be sure to pack pillows, blankets, or sheets so you're comfortable.

5.  Don't wear a costume.
I know, I know, it takes away from the experience, but if you want to save money, try spending $0 on the costume.  If you still want to cosplay, then you should............

6.  Cosplay as L from Death Note.
You're going to get made fun of, and there will be a million other cosplayers walking around just like you.  Mess your hair up, slab on some eyeshadow, through on your favorite jeans, and plain white shirt.  Now you're ready to cosplay for free!  If anything, the only thing you'll need to invest on is black hair dye.

7.  Skip out on the Dealer's Room.
It's going to suck, but if you are tight on money, then don't even go near the Dealer's Room.  If you step one foot in there, punish yourself.  You will be tempted to steal or panhandle and that's NOT a good thing.

8.  Bring your own food.  
Scrounge up the rest of your chips and cookies and take them with you.  This will save you some money on going to restaurants.

So let's tally up the total cost of what it would have cost if you had the money.  I'll just use the total from 2 posts ago.


Now let's subtract, the costume, wig, registration, hotel, and half of the gas money.  With all of that subtracted, the grand total for a convention would be.......................... $20.

Can you afford $20?

If you can't, then do the ultimate saving money technique.

9.  Don't go to a convention.
Just wait until your finances are a bit in order to even think about a convention.

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