Monday, August 22, 2011

Asian Drama Film Review 2 - NANA

I literally just finished this movie only 10 minutes ago, but I fell so absolutely in love with it, I had to write a review!  Recently, I was on Netflix searching for a new anime and Nana came up.  I watched about 3 episodes before I decided that I really loved the anime and I was ready to continue watching it.  I knew there was a live action film based on the anime, so I went looking for it on YouTube and found it.  I am glad I did!  So after watching such a great film, I'm here to review the wonderful story of Nana.

Two girls randomly meet each other on a train to Tokyo.  They are startled to find that they are both 20 years old and they share the same name: Nana.  Because of the snow delay, the two girls have a good time talking to each other, despite their personalities being complete opposites.  As the two part from the train and they go in search for their own apartments, they are thrilled to find that they choose the same apartment, making them room mates.  As the two live together, their lives change dramatically.


Nana Komatsu
Nana K. is a sweet girl, but is very needy and comes off as immature.  She plans to come to Tokyo to study art, but her real reason for coming to Tokyo is to follow her friends and her boyfriend, Shouji, all of which moved to Tokyo almost a year before.  She hopes to move in with Shouji, but he tells her that she has to get her own place and find a job to stay in Tokyo, which she does fairly quickly and becomes roommates with Nana Osaki.


Nana Osaki
Nana O. is a singer in a band who was quite popular in her home town.  She moves to Tokyo with her band in hopes to make it big in the music industry.  She comes off as someone hard and cold, but you soon realize that she is very kind and a devoted friend.  She used to date a the bassist in her band named Ren up until he switched bands and moved to Tokyo and becomes famous.  Though it seems she is only in Tokyo to make it big, it becomes clear in the back of her mind, she wants to see Ren again.

 As the movie begins, everything seems happy and hopeful and cheerful, and this mood pretty much maintains itself the entire movie.  Both Nanas meet and seem to get along.  They become closer when they move in with each other.

Sadly, Nana K., lovesick and heart-eyed for her boyfriend Shouji, begins to go crazy to be close with him again.  But it's very apparent that Shouji doesn't like her as much as Nana K. thinks he does.  This also becomes very obvious when he starts openly getting close to another girl at the restaurant he works at: Sachiko.  He begins hanging out with Nana K. less and less, and though she seems to think it's strange, she still believe there is nothing wrong.

Nana O. struggles to get into the music business while battling with her past memories of her ex, Ren, who left Nana O.'s band to become famous with another band: Trapnet.  While she seems to do fine, it becomes increasingly hard when she realizes that Nana K. is a Trapnet fan and buys the two of them tickets.

As the movie progresses, you notice both Nana's friendship with each other grow almost to a relationship.  I was a bit confused by the two of them, because there are a lot of hints that maybe the two girls are in love, but this is never confirmed in the movie.  As their friendship grows, their other relationships shrink, changing their lives.

This movie brought up a lot of emotions out of me.  While the majority of the movie made me laugh and smile, there were a few intense parts that made me cry.  It's an excellent movie on true friendship, not a film you see much of these days.  The acting was very believable on both parts and the personalities are a lot more realistic than some live action films.  I would definitely recommend anyone who wants a light-hearted film to watch this movie.  Watch it with your best friend.  It's definitely a chick flick!  But it has some room for guys to like it too. 


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