Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zelda Music on Scott Prilgrim vs The World

So a while ago I saw the commericials on Scott Pilgrim vs The World.  At first I was like, meh, it looks cool.  Didn't expect it to be so good.  I started to hear nothing but good stuff about the movie.  One person in particular told me it would be the only movie he would go to the movies more than twice to see it again.  So, of course, I had to watch it when I got the chance.  I'm glad I did!

For those of you who don't know, Scott Pilgrim vs The World is about a boy named Scott Pilgrim who starts dreaming about a girl named Ramona Flowers.  When Ramona turns out to be a real person, he becomes obsessed with her and the two soon begin to date.  But in order to be with her, Scott has to defeat Ramona's seven evil exes.

It sounds kinda corny but it turned out to be amazing.  I especially liked the dream sequence in the movie where they used the "Fairy Fountain" theme from the "Legend of Zelda" game.  I'm a big time Zelda nerd, so it tickled me to hear this in a movie.  If anyone is a fan of Zelda or any video game, watch Scott Pilgrim vs The World.  You'll feel like you're watching a video game on its own.  You will not be disappointed.

I think I will write a review on it.  I also have to world on some video game reviews as well.

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