Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Perfect Blue and Requiem For A Dream (And Other Anime Scenes Ripped For American Use)

This may or may not be a blog you agree with.  But in all for entertainment purposes, I'm sure you can agree that many films you see today have scenes and/or story lines that are similar or identical to those in anime.  I was watching Requiem For A Dream last night and the bath tub scene in particular was what got me interested in writing this post.  My mind has been turning all night for this post, so let's get into it.

If anyone hasn't seen Perfect Blue, I suggest you do.  It's an amazingly tricky anime movie that you will want to see about a pop star who gives up her career to become an actor and model, but her fans react negatively.  I'm bad with summaries but basically that's how it plays out and it's way better than what I'm making it seem.  Requiem For A Dream is about 4 people who fall into the darkest depths of drug addiction.  And I mean the darkest.  These movies don't have any storyline similarity but the bath tub scenes that are present in both movies are nearly identical.

Do you see the similarity?  I know there's a lot of anime scene that were ripped and remastered (sometimes horribly) into live action films.  One of which is the No Doubt's song "Ex Girl-Friend", sung by Gwen Stefani, was almost a scene-by-scene play of the bathroom scene from the controversial movie Kite.  What is it with bathroom scenes that attract movie makers?

I'm going to research more scenes taken from anime and I'm planning on making it a longer post.  I'm interested to know, but it may take longer to find out about it than I think.  =]

Thanks for reading!

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