Thursday, May 19, 2011

Learning More Japanese

I am still learning Japanese, though very steadily.  I am on lesson 17.  My 1-15 lesson review was 93%!  I passed!  It's starting to get a little more challenging for me, but I'm still managing!  Time to right my little blog post in Japanese!

Victoria desu!  Genki desu!  O-genki desu-ka?  Ja, kore-wa watashi-no kazoku desu.  Haha-no Teri desu.  San juu has-sai desu.  Imouto-no Amenda desu.  Juu kyuu desu.  Otooto-no Jani desu.  Juu san sai desu!  Watashi to Okaasan to Imoutosan to Otootosan-wa Amerika-jin desu.  Yo ne?  Arigatoo.  Ja mata!

It's Victoria!  I'm doing fine, how about you?  So, this is my family.  My mother is named Terri.  She is thiry-eight years old.  My younger sister is Amanda, she is nineteen.  My young brother is Jonny, he is thirteen.  Me, my mother, my younger sister, and my younger brother are Ameircan.  Ok?  Thanks!  See ya!

I think I'm getting better.  lol

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